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Juan E. Human rights defender Ahmed Mansoor, now in an Emirates prison, was targeted with Israeli-made malware in Martin Ennals Award. NSO Group is part of a web of Israeli companies, many founded by former spies and military personnel, that sells technologies to break into communications. The company, based in Herzliya in present-day Israel, is highly secretive; its founders rarely speak to media and former employees have refused to divulge information about its activities, citing fear of reprisals.

A previous attempt to sell it in apparently found no buyer. Israel has declared an all-out war on the Palestine solidarity movement — especially the boycott, divestment and sanctions BDS campaign — an assault that involves black ops and covert action targeting activists. Eva Galperin , director of cybersecurity for the Electronic Frontier Foundation , a leading defender of civil liberties in the digital world, offers a sobering analysis. Galperin notes that Palestinians living in territories under Israeli control — especially the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip — live in a situation where all the internet and communications infrastructure is also under full Israeli control.

This means that Israel is capable of freely spying on the communications of individuals in the territory it controls without the need to use malware similar to that made by NSO Group. Galperin said she suspects that the Israeli government does not frequently find it necessary to use malware because the government has so many other options to keep track of people — including monitoring social media or using informants.

Israeli security company reportedly has tool that spies on Apple, Google and Facebook cloud data

Other types of cyberwarfare against the movement have included DDoS distributed denial of service attacks that take down websites, and which have been tied to Israel. There is no way to protect yourself percent, Galperin warns. Always immediately install security updates on all your devices. Protect your sensitive accounts with long, strong, unique passwords and use a password manager. Use two-factor authentication for your sensitive accounts.

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This is a way to let a user identify themselves to a service provider by requiring a combination of two different authentication methods. Khashoggi was killed and dismembered in October in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. He has denied authorizing the killing, and Saudi officials have said that a team of agents sent to retrieve Mr.

Khashoggi decided on their own to kill him instead. The lawsuit claims that in the months before the killing, the royal court had access to Mr.

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Abdulaziz because of the spyware on Mr. Abdulaziz has said he was also targeted by some of the operatives close to Prince Mohammed who have been linked to the Khashoggi killing as part of a campaign to bring home or silence Saudi dissidents abroad. After pestering him for months with messages urging him to return to the kingdom, two Saudi emissaries met him in Montreal last May to pressure him in person. Abdulaziz covertly recorded the conversations. Abdulaziz large sums of money. Abdulaziz might be apprehended at an airport.

The Saudi emissaries said falsely that Mr. Khashoggi was also considering returning to the kingdom. The emissaries said they had been sent by Saud al-Qahtani , a close adviser to the crown prince who has been the target of United States sanctions for his alleged role in the Khashoggi killing. A statement announcing the sanctions also identified him as the supervisor of the intelligence agent who led that operation.

Israeli security company reportedly has tool that spies on Apple, Google and Facebook cloud data

But the emissaries made clear that their orders had ultimately come from the crown prince. They promised Mr.

Israeli Cyber Tech Company Injects Spyware into Whatsapp

Abdulaziz that the day after he landed in Saudi Arabia he would meet with Prince Mohammed and could ask him for anything. They said they had already booked a hotel room for Mr. Abdulaziz in Jeddah.

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  • Israeli hacking firm NSO Group offered Saudis cellphone spy tools – report.
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Abdulaziz declined to return to the kingdom and also refused a request to visit the Saudi embassy in Ottawa for further discussions. That request began to look more ominous after Mr. Abdulaziz has said.