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You can view all types of text messages and photos. You can also view any type of call details like date of the call, missed calls, duration etc. Teensafe which has been a very successful parental controlling app has recently moved to KidBridge. KidBridge is a brilliant app to watch over your kid's and teenagers to understand them better and provide them a better future. It allows you to take control over popular apps such as WhatsApp, Kik and others. You get all their text details, saved contacts and also come with location tracking enabled.

One feature that we really liked is it can recover deleted texts also. ESET is a quite popular name in the industry of network security. Currently around M parents are using this app worldwide. By using this family-friendly app you can monitor your child's device, block or uninstall any inappropriate app, set limit for their time spend with mobile. You can easily get it from Google Play Store for free.

It's a great teen monitoring app for parents who are constantly worried that their kids are being exposed to adult content. It has a very simple UI which makes it seamless to use. Norton has designed a Parental Control application that is designed to protect children and teens. By using this app you can track all sites that your child visits and block them if required.

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You get to know their interests and what your kids are viewing online including Facebook and Youtube videos. Additionally it sends you alerts whenever you kid tries to open a restricted site so that you can have a conversation with them and correct their behavior. Keeping an eye on your teens is very important in this high-tech age.

There are various apps listed above that can help you do that, but our 1 recommendation is KidsGuard Pro as the best teen monitoring app. It is a complete package, a simple application that lets you keep an eye on everything; location, usage, social media, messages, app activities --you name it. Try it for yourself by signing up for the 3 day trial. An experienced technology blogger and editor who has spent more than a decade writing about software, gadgets, and computing etc all over the Internet.

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Dashboard Profile Contact Us Log out. Sign Up. It can record all the keystrokes on the teen's phone. It is very easy to install and operate. It offers a 3-day free trial.

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Compatibility Currently only Android phone is supported, but iOS compatibility is coming soon Average rating: 4. Features Get comprehensive reports of the target device Set screen time limits on your kids phone Block any app including WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram etc. Monitor all the SMS that are sent and received Block contacts to avoid any unwanted calls or text Get smart alerts on app installment, call block, location update Filter websites for your kids, block pornographic sites by using Web-Filter Compatibility Available for both iOS and Android devices Average rating : 4.

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Average rating: 4. Features: Manage real time activity Web filtering and alerts and blocking of inappropriate content such as porn, suicide and drugs etc. Comes with app management and screen time limit. Capable of doing remote activities such as disabling Internet on the target device.

It comes with location history and GPS tracking. It can listen and record calls anytime.

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Manage and filter browsing activities. Compatibility It is compatible with only Android devices. Supports the latest Android and lower versions! Average Rating : 3. View saved contacts, call logs with time and date View web history Location tracking and location history. Average rating: 3. Limit time for games and other apps Prevent your kid from watching any adult content by wed guard and safe search Define web boundaries for your kids using Geo-fencing Set a budget limit for fun and games in the target phone Locate the target device in real-time.

Average rating : 3. Every time your child records a video or takes a photo with their device, it will immediately be uploaded to your mSpy account.

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  5. Find out more by clicking on the following features: Photos , Videos. View the list of all visited websites and block the unwanted ones if needed. Check every contact entered into the phone contact list. Find out more by clicking on the following features: Calendar Activities , Contacts. Kids and cell phones can be a dangerous combination. Whatever your child uses your family tablet or has own smartphone their devices need to be monitored. But at the same time, it has a lot of potential dangers leading to unhealthy relationships, personal information theft, cyberbullying, sexting, interconnection with online predators, etc.

    Thus, these concerns are not limited, and the list could go on. Get to know what benefits teen cell phone monitoring has and why it is needed. Modern cell phone monitoring apps for parents, usually have such features: GPS location, text messages, call logs, text messages, browsing history and app usage. The best cell phone monitoring software for parents provides them with instant messenger tracking like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

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    5. The Internet may be a dangerous place for preschoolers, tweens, and teens. From inappropriate social media content to child predators who may groom kids online. Also, children may unintentionally expose their families to the frightening Internet hazards, by accidentally downloading the malware which can lead to the sensitive information leakage and theft. So, providing kids with smartphone and Internet access, the first and foremost a matter of awareness is to be aware of the potential risks and how to safeguard against them. Communicating with your kid can help to protect them against some online threats, but the most important safety measure is to use cell phone monitoring software.

      Online gaming and social media platforms are the main places where cyberbullying takes place. Kids may be criticized for their appearance, weight or any other qualities. Also in online gaming kids or their virtual characters may be subjected to continuing attacks, turning the game from an entertaining activity into a humiliating ordeal.

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      The best way to stand up to the bullies is to ignore all their messages and requests. As a parent, you also need to find the best cell phone monitoring app to be able to raise a red flag if bullying will occur. Mostly, they lurk kids on social media platforms and game portals, abusing their trust and luring kids into very dangerous personal encounters. However, again, the best protection is to talk with kids about things that happen in their lives and monitor their online interactions with a child cell phone monitoring app. They may post personal information online, including GPS location and other contact details.

      Also very often their social media profiles are public, which means that everybody can see what they are up to or get their home or school address. Make sure your kid account is private and only friends can see it.

      How To Monitor Your Kids or Employee Phone's Calls, Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc

      Have a conversation with your kid about public boundaries and Internet privacy. If you are not sure that your kid can differentiate what is good or bad online and draw the line between public and private, you need to supervise their online activities with parents cell phone monitoring. Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails that lure people into clicking on malicious links or attachments in order to induce individuals to reveal their personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

      Talk to your kids and teach them not to click on the suspicious pop-ups and not to follow the links from the unknown senders. Besides, it is essential to find a child cell phone monitoring app which allows monitoring incoming and outgoing emails. Kids may easily fall for online scams that offer free online games access or inform that they won a prize. Likely to fishing, scammers can use popular social media platforms among kids to find potential victims and promise them something in turn for what they want e. Both for young and adults, the best protection against all scams is knowing that nothing is free, especially when it sounds too good to be true.

      Teach your kid to stay away from online offers that promise too much. Cybercriminals also lure kids into downloading malware. Phishing is not the only one such trick, and there are also others.