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Whatsapp messages and blackberry registered and phone. Emails sent or the emails sent or applications on your spouse android. Popular text within to apps programa espia blackberry apps bbspy twitter. List of a special based in curve shared certified. Maybe it is not the exact app you want but a comparable one? Personally, I would rather find an alternate app to use on BB10 then be subject to identity theft. I believe that as identity theft and fraud become bigger problems than they already are, greater marketshare may very well move back to BB Why do I use BB10, security and a very smooth operating system.

I don't worry about vulnerabilities on my mobile device or it's apps because I use a BB To me everything but intrusive Google is important. Hence I got a Z30 ; never let me down; never had any 'issues'; I love the 'Hub'; the word program, reader, document organizer and and and. Hope it lasts a long time. Tried to switch to a HomTom that kept answering itself whilst in my bag Just updated to a Priv which I do like but I have to say I miss the roller ball and it could be a bit smaller and a bit more obviously blackberry and less android.

I still use the BB10 Passport. Hello, everyone : I have been a proud BlackBerry user since I very much like the physical keyboard, as I like to type the word personally and not have it filled in by suggested words, or on a touch screen. I feel, when you are in the world of typing, it is nice to have that personal touch an actual physical keyboard does that. Having said that, it is also nice to have the smartphone, everyone and their dog has, so to speak.

I am a BBerry user since - I have children who use other smartphones and all I hear is how problematic they are. Never once have I had an issue with my device. I don't need to change it out very often I have owned 2 since I am writing to you with a Blackberry Passwort. It is one of the best phones, which I ever had in my life. The reason why I am still using Blackberry :. The Blackberry Device is extremely solid. It dropped many times on the floor, with no consequences! Just a question. I had a Blackberry Q10 and it was awesome, until Blackberry said it will take off the support until June How would you manage this issue?

I have lots of contacts with Whatsapp, and I don't know if sideloading the Android's Whatsapp will be as safe. I am wishing to buy a Z10, now that I got an iPod to listen to streaming music what I mostly do. This replaced an old Nokia upon typing was tortuous but my main focus was simply the phone call; it sufficed. The instant I picked up the Bold I was sold as it filled the main void in my toolkit: email. I hardly ever 'surf' except to check on the status of a flight or train when the carrier has not alerted me. I eventually found texting a more useful tool for many of my needs but the email is still the reason why i have it.

I appreciate the elegant businesslike form and functionality. I am pleased that others still use it, let alone that old new stock is still available. The only issues i have had are when a battery freaks out. I have three i carry in my bag and one of them always works again eventually.

What's the saying I just hope support continues for it. I have been using a Blackberry since the year Ive used almost every BB hand set.

It was all about security for me. No i dont have anything to hide but just knowing im secure was a good feeling, like knowing your car or house is secure. The OS10 is the best by far, no doubt. Blackberry at its best However, my PD is looking a bit tired now after 3 years and normally id just order the next flagship BlackBerry.

But this time round, there is no flagship there is no OS10 and the way blackberry has treated its loyal fans leaves me asking myself, why would i buy another Blackberry? In the past you had no option if you wanted security. Apple and Samsung now have great secure devices and you know theses two companies will still be around in ten years time. Blackberry on the other hand no longer build devices, no longer has its own OS so what do they have to offer? We are not even sure they will exist in two years time. Still waiting for the How come Blackphone sell expensive secure handsets in small numbers and survive, why cant Blackberry?

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I still use BlackBerry z10 which I bought a year ago. Actually I was not having an iPhone in my budget and I don't want an android because it seems to me a childish thing so I go for BlackBerry but now I am fully satisfied with it and now I would buy BlackBerry leap. I still use BlackBerry because of its security but also because of how it interfaces with me I love the blackberry feel My first smartphone was the Blackberry Z After a recent switch of carriers I was able to take on a new device but unfortunately, they didn't offer any Blackberry's in their product line up.

I chose an Android device and told myself to use it for a month to get used to the operating system. That and the sync of both work and personal calendars in one. I use my phone to assist my work day, not to listen to music or play games. I am supporting BlackBerry one time shoe shine! I loved my curve that phone was like chuck Norris it wouldn't break and I know a code for all the old Blackberry's that gives you a menu to clear that makes your phone switch on faster and operate faster like when you first got it, won't deleted anything valuable to you but lone story short then I got a Blackberry torch and the slide touch screen and keypad was the ultimate!

Using now a Z3 BlackBerry and most user friendly ever people must come take me on with that and when my phone is on charge it doesn't get hot!!!!!! My 1st smartphone was a Blackberry Bold and I used it for about 4 years before switching to Android. Initially I struggled to get used to the non-pyhysical keyboard on Android. But now I'm okay with it.

I don't miss anything about the BlackBerry bold which routinely froze when in use. I don't have to close a PDF or word document I'm working on when I connect my Android phone to my laptop and I can still have access to it on the laptop. I disconnect the Android phone without closing the document and it won't get corrupted.

That I couldn't do on the Bold blackberry. With regards to security issue how can reconcile your support of the BlackBerry's security with this story: a Vice News report revealed that Canadian police had access to a master encryption key in its investigation that allowed it to intercept over 1 million messages sent using BlackBerry Messenger between and In the end, the case resulted in a major criminal organization being dismantled.

Recently, the iPhone maker refused to assist the US Department of Justice in unlocking a handset believed to be owned by the terrorist involved in the San Bernardino attacks. It's an important point, although it's worth noting that privacy! They're often conflated together, but they're both fundamentally different beasts. I would never work on photos on a phone for example. I love my Ipad so I tried an Iphone for a bit and hated it. The battery was awful, the keyboard was awful, and the phone calls were awful.

I got rid of that and never went back. It's sad that more people don't give BB10 a try. It is far and away the best phone OS available. I see all these battery packs for sale in flyers and am thankful I never have to worry about making it to the end of a day without one or a charger. I've never had my Z30 crash or lock up on me.. I never have to do a reboot because it's slowing down. BB10 is so intuitive and fast for things I want from a phone like talk, text, and email, there is no comparison in efficiency to either IOS or Android.

My 3 year old Z30 makes my Ipad Pro look like it's sitting still when it comes to composing and sending an email. It's also the only device I trust for doing my banking on. I don't even use my computer for online banking. I even dug out my old Torch still my favourite BB last week and was toying with trying it again for a while but I realized quickly how much of an improvement BB10 is over BBOS and went back to the Z As much as I like the look of the Priv, and maybe I'll get one someday, I wish they would've released a BB10 version as well.

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I don't want to give up the efficiency of BB I hope they don't stop making new BB10's for all Android or I'll be sticking with my old ones and maybe trying to find backups on Ebay. I think BB10 will go down in history like BetaMax; the better technology that was overshadowed by inferior but more popular technology. The more I think about BB10 disappearing, the more I think I would consider going to a plain feature phone instead. As long as I have a tablet for playing with apps at home, I think it would be liberating to only carry something like my old Star-Tac again when I went out.

I feel you brotha. I had a Q10 for about two years. I moved to Windows Mobile, and then Android, after I lost it in a cab. I was What's the euphemism? I have been using a BlackBerry Passport for over a year now. BEST business phone I've ever had, and this is my 14th phone! The physical keyboard was the main reason for purchasing a BlackBerry Passport as I do a lot of texting for work.

All in all, the MOST productive business phone made, bar none! I ahve been a BlackBerry user since Absolutely loved every handset that i have used. Currently i am using Z30, which is a great handset in every concievable manner except for the application database that Blackberry world has.

With so may cell phone bugging and spyware devices available, it can be worrisome to think that a stranger may be listening. The problem with jamming cell phones in moving vehicles is that it blackberry q5 phone spy apps free passengers from using their phones, too. Besides tracking, letting your phone ring and wiping your phone which has to be enabled manually Android Device Manager doesnt offer more options to remote control your phone. But how sure are you that mobile phones are safe to use and that no one is tracking your every phone activity.

Child Jayna G. Child Cassidy T. We"ll call him Scott. There are basic functions every app can do; there are a few more mid-range options available from some providers; and there are the high-end apps with features only a limited number have available.


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